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Email Marketing Practices for Real Estate & Sample Subject Lines

If you’re a real estate agent looking to grow your real estate business, it’s automatic that you would use email marketing as a way to nurture leads and convert them into paying customers. With emails, you can easily reach your sales leads and constantly yet passively remind them of your services, establishing a connection and eventually making them your customers.

Why is it important to use email marketing for your real estate business?

Marketing is all about building trust. Business owners need to establish some sort of connection with their customers by proving their credibility. This is especially true for real estate agents who, in their line of work, would be handling their client’s investments. It is important for agents to present themselves as people who will value what their clients value. This can only be done when they consistently engage with prospects, email being the best tool for them to use.

Again, email marketing lets you build connection with your leads. It can also maintain that connection until they become your clients and even until they become returning customers. Email marketing offers a direct and personal mean of reaching your leads. With the right email content, you can convert leads into clients and later on, ask them to give their testimonials. Email marketing also offers the opportunity to make your past clients refer you to their network which then results to more leads.

Here are some practices for your real estate email marketing:

1. Have email templates in advance.

When a sales lead comes in, you wouldn’t want to take time composing a personalized email on-the-spot. It’s best to prepare a ready template which you can immediately modify and send to your lead. Make sure you make your leads feel special by personalizing their welcome email. This can be done by simply using their first name in your salutation or subject line.

2. Use different types of emails.

To keep your prospects engaged, make sure you don’t send them redundant emails that are boring or will make you seem too pushy or aggressive. Some examples of emails you can send out to your prospects are newsletters, new listings, birthday and anniversary greetings, market updates, and specific follow-ups. Just make sure that your emails stay relevant to prospects who will receive them depending on where they are currently placed in your sales funnel.

3. Always include a Call-to-Action (CTA).

Regardless of what type of email you send out, never forget to include a call-to-action. Remember that your consistent emails’ goal is to nurture leads so adding a CTA will prompt your prospects to engage further and take the next step in your sales funnel. Your emails should eventually lead to this call-to-action so make sure that your message is clear and easy to understand.

4. Don’t rush into getting leads.

Don’t take the easy path by farming emails without the owners’ consent. Always make sure you connect to prospects using their emails that they willingly gave you through legitimate means like your website lead capture forms. Unsolicited emails will be considered spam which will have low click rates and an even lower possibility of getting read.

There are numerous ways and even effective marketing services that can help you upgrade your email marketing. Above, are just very few guides but ones that you can surely utilize. Aside from them, you should also never forget about your emails’ ability of getting clicked and read. This means, you should think of interesting and curiosity-triggering subject lines. Below are some examples.

Sample Subject Lines for Real Estate Email Marketing

  • “Exclusive Offer: Your Dream Home Awaits!”
  • “Hot Property Alert: Don’t Miss Out!”
  • “What’s New in the Market?”
  • “How to Spot the Ideal Home”
  • “Unlock the Door to Your New Home Today!”
  • “Investment Opportunity Knocking: Act Now!”
  • “Get Ahead in the Real Estate Game!”
  • “Discover the Perfect Home for Your Family!”
  • “Limited Time Offer: Your Chance to Own a Piece of Paradise!”
  • “Find Your Sanctuary: Explore Our Luxurious Options”
  • “Take a Sneak Peek: New Listings Just In!”
  • “Selling? Let Us Help You Maximize Your Profits!”
  • “Invest in Your Future: Explore Real Estate Opportunities!”
  • “Don’t Wait! Prices on the Rise in Desirable Neighborhoods!”
  • “Get a Head Start: Pre-Approval Made Easy!”
  • “Your Real Estate Search Ends Here: Discover Your Dream Home!”
  • “Attention Investors: Prime Properties for Lucrative Returns!”
  • “Time to Make a Move: Exclusive Deals Await!”
  • “Calling All First-Time Homebuyers: Expert Advice Inside!”
  • “Livable Suburbs Near You”


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