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Easy SEO for Plumbers

Unless they already know someone, people will be looking through their phone or computer to search for a nearby plumber and if you have a plumbing business, you wouldn’t want to miss on that opportunity. Having a website for your plumbing business is a must. This should give customers a chance to get to know you and your services and an opportunity for you to offer them a way to reach out to you. But having a website is not enough, you have to have visitors and for that to happen, you must become visible.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the way to go. You can make use of SEO by tailoring your website content to include codes or keywords that your prospects are most likely to search in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo when they are in need of plumbing services. Making sure that you rank higher and appear on the first page of search results is the goal of using SEO for your business.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you:

1. Start by creating your Google My Business Profile

When people search for “plumber near me”, your business should come up as one of the results. You should do this by claiming or adding your business which shows on Google Maps. You should add your business category, the services you offer or your specializations, the area of your scope, as well as your basic information which includes your address, contact number, and email. You can also add your business schedule as you see fit. If your business has multiple offices in different locations, make sure you make one for each branch.

2. Get reviews

Getting business reviews will help your Google Business Profile rank higher. You can get reviews by sending your previous and satisfied customers a review link. You can also put the link on your website or better yet, call or send your past customers an email to kindly ask them to leave a review for your business. 

3. Use relevant keywords

Think of keywords that people needing plumbing services are most likely to search. Incorporate them in your website. Search engines will not always receive searches like “plumber near me” so you should think way past that. Include your specializations like “burst pipe repair”, “drain cleaning”, “drain unblocking”, “boiler repair”, “tap repair”, “emergency plumber”, etc., to increase your possibility of getting found.

4. Create service pages

You can’t create a page for all the services you offer so make sure you rank them by relevance or group the ones which may mean the same thing like “drain cleaning near me” and “drain unblocking near me”. Each page must have the name of the service, a brief explanation on what issue does it answer to, your service areas, selling point, and a portion that establishes your credibility like testimonials, accreditation, and recognition. You should also never forget a CTA button and your contact information.

5. Create an “About” page

Having an “About” page on your website is important as this will be where your prospects would turn to if they want to learn more about your business. “About” pages do not always show up in search results but it is a good way to summarize your business qualities and showcase your expertise. What you can include in this page are your business history detailing how the business started, your certifications and accreditation as well as testimonials from customers that are happy with your services.

6. Organize your website

Your website’s structure will affect how long visitors will spend staying and exploring your website and how google finds all your web pages. Make sure your website appears organized with simple navigation and easy-to-spot buttons. You should also make sure that they appear pleasant for mobile and desktop view.

7. Publish a blog

It requires content to be ranked for each industry-related topic. Optimize a blog post that will contribute to your ranking. Make sure that you answer to what your audiences need. Make use of top ranking results to find out what people want and create your own. You should also make it an easy read by incorporating images, subheadings and lists and use a compelling title so people would easily click on it.

8. Check for progress

You should track your SEO progress. You can check the performance of your Google Business Profile by searching for it while being logged in and clicking “See profile performance”. As for your website, you can track its performance by using a free tool from Google called Google Search Console where you can see your website traffic and keyword rankings.

SEO is all about attracting attention to your business, increasing your visibility and recognition and improving your chance on continuous lead generation. Capitalizing on good SEO can go a long way so make sure you don’t miss out the chance and make full use of it. If you have any doubts and confusion, you can always refer to the internet or hire experts that will build and optimize your website to create more plumbing job opportunities for you.


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