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8 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Attract Customers

Home buyers and sellers are constantly looking for an agent who can guide them throughout the process and teach them what they need to know about the property market. Though this may be the case, there are countless of real estate agents out there seeking to make business. It’s a tough competition despite the rising demand. So what can you do to stand out and potentially increase your sales? Simple, you need more people to know you, recognize what you do, and believe that you can find an answer to their real estate needs.

Follow along these marketing ideas to increase attention to your real estate business.

1. Create your Website

Having your own website will give your potential customers a go-to place if they wish to know more about what you do. Websites is a must for any kind of business but it is actually what you put in it that attracts sales.
Your website should include your information and ways to contact you. You should put it in your homepage where visitors can easily see it. Make sure that navigating your website is easy and the design works for both desktop and mobile display.

2. Write blogs

Start a blog and create contents that are optimized for SEO. This will help your content get in front of your potential customers when they search for the keywords you set. Writing blogs will also help you be visible and pull traffic for your website. 

In your blogs, you can write about a variety of topics revolving around your industry. It could be news, events, tips, or advises. This will establish a personality to your business and create the impression of your expertise. You could also make it so people would want to click and get directed to your homepage and get to know more of what you do and what you offer.

3. Create clear and attractive listings

People would want to have a clear idea of the properties that are up for sale in your website or on Zillow. Make sure that potential customers who would click on each listing will easily get access to all the information they need to know about the property. Write complete descriptions and incorporate photos. It’s better to have the photos professionally taken to make sure that the charm and beauty of the property is well-captured. You should also put an access to Google Maps so people can get an idea of the property’s exact location. You can also add a list of hot spots nearby and state their distance from the property.

4. Make use of Email marketing

Email marketing is an old strategy but it continuous to be one of the most effective marketing strategies to use for any business. You can collect emails from signups you put up in your website. Use these to send out news about new listings, upcoming events, educational information like guides or tips and your newsletters. Make sure you provide a link they can click on to get directed to your site, blog or offerings. You should also tailor your emails based on your potential customers’ last action and help them take the next step in doing business with you. You can also send personalized greeting emails to your customers during holidays or their birthdays. This helps your business stay on top of their mind and can make them easily remember you. This can potentially get you referrals and repeat business with them.

5. Use Social Media Platforms

People are constantly online, make sure you reach them when they do. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to post ads. You can also post tips, guides, and educational information to not bore your potential customers and make them feel like you’re pushing on them too hard. Make sure to use the right hashtags to attract the right target audience. You can also create boards on Pinterest and upload pictures of each property in their own boards. You can also incorporate videos in your ads like virtual tours on properties for sale and upload them on platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram Reels.

6. Ask for Referrals

Keeping in touch with your past customers can not only create an opportunity for repeat business, it can also make them think of you when someone in their family or someone they know has a need for a real estate agent. Besides this, you can also outright ask your satisfied customers to refer you to their family and social circle. This increases awareness of your business and will bring in leads and new customers.

7. Use offline marketing

Don’t ever forget potential customers that are closer to you in proximity. Though using online media is an effective way of broadening your scope, it is still better to develop and maintain offline relationships with your potential customers. You should participate in local programs and activities as a way of showing up. You can also partner with local businesses or write for your local magazines. This way, more people in your community will get to know you and what you do. You should make sure you have a physical business card you can give out to people who might be interested in availing your services. You can also do the old-school mailing strategy by sending out postcards to potential buyers in areas you specialize.

8. Display reviews and testimonials

What’s a stronger proof of your credibility as a real estate agent than testimonials of your past customers? If customers are satisfied with your service, don’t hesitate and ask them to leave reviews. You can also choose a few to give their testimonials and have it featured in your website and social networks. You can also ask these people for photos to be displayed next to their testimonials. Real experiences from real people will be the proof of your business’ legitimacy and will further attract potential customers to use your service.

People will not believe what they do not know. In the same sense, potential customers will not reach out to you if they don’t have an idea of who you are and what you can do for them. And though marketing is more than just making your name known in your industry, recognition is the basic step towards improving your sales. There is a tough competition for real estate agents, make sure you follow this guide to stand out. A good marketing strategy will make your real estate business thrive.


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