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13 Real Estate Social Media Content Ideas

Social media sites as effective marketing platforms is a long established fact and business owners have been spending more time in social media to reach new and potential clients. Real estate agents are no exception.
Homebuyers, sellers, and real estate investors need real estate agents to assist them in their home buying, selling and renting transactions. As a real estate agent in an industry with tough competition, for you to be chosen by clients, you must have something more than just a good service. Clients choose real estate agents that are experienced, experts in the field, and can be trusted. Making sure your target audience know you’re all of those is the most effective way to earn your business new clients.

Here are social media content ideas for real estate agents to collect leads and get more clients:

1. New Listings

Post new listings as they hit the market. Post them across platforms and multiple times to make sure your target audience sees them. Attach a link that will bring them to the listing site. Include photos and details to each listings. You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

2. Things to avoid

Post educational guides and tips like ‘things to avoid when buying a home’. This will establish you as an experienced real estate expert. You can do this on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tiktok.

3. ‘Just sold’ posts

Posting ‘just sold’ posts will let your audience know that you are a legitimate business and lets them have a peak on your activities and achievements. Post this on Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Homebuying tips

Homebuying tips counts as educational content. This will earn the trust of your audience as they will start to see you as a professional they can learn from about the real estate industry. You can bring this content to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tiktok

5. Video walkthroughs

Post these videos on YouTube and re-post shorter clips on Tiktok and on Facebook and Instagram reels. This will give your audience a virtual experience and feel of your listings.

6. Open house event posts

These kind of content are posted before or during the event. Doing this will notify your audience and may also convince them to show up which will give you a chance to interact with them face-to-face. Post these on Twitter or Facebook.

7. Polls or games

These kind of fun content will attract your audiences and will increase the possibility of an interaction between you and your prospects. Use this content on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

8. Real estate memes

The funnier and relatable the memes are, the most likely they are to be shared. This will give you a chance to increase your following and be recognized by a wider audience. Post these kind of content on Facebook and Instagram.

9. Testimonials

Posting photo/graphic-aided testimonials will establish your credibility. This will make prospects have a trust in you and in what you do. You can post these on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

10. Expert interviews

You can invite an interviewee or get invited as one and speak about your field and showcase your expertise. You can post this on YouTube and post the link on other platforms like Facebook.

11. Market update

You can post market updates as written or video content. This will give your audience valuable information while earning their trust. Post these on Tiktok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram depending on content format.

12. Agent feature

Highlighting an agent’s success or even just as simple as introducing them will give your prospects an idea of who they might deal with. This will also show a sense of teamwork which your audience would appreciate. Post this on Facebook or LinkedIn.

13. Q and A lives

You can host lives on Instagram and answer questions from your audience. This will give them a chance to ask you directly about real estate matters that concern them and get clarified on things they might be confused about.

These are only a few examples of content you can post on your social media accounts to increase following, collect leads, and attract new clients. You can think of your very own content ideas or seek expert marketing services as long as you don’t go astray from your goal of earning your audience’s trust and confidence and establishing yourself as a credible business that will answer to their real estate needs.


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