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6 Tips on Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

It’s impossible to make sales without awareness. For real estate agents to make business, they have to device plans to be recognized by their target audience while constantly generating qualified leads in between. It is to say, marketing is the lifeline of any business especially for industries with fierce competition like real estate.
This digital age has given real estate agents the opportunity to reach a wider audience through social media platforms where people spend most of their time. The most popular one being Facebook.
According to Meta, 79% or home buyers use online resources at some point of their search. For real estate agents who need to interact and continuously get in front of their audiences, this is a chance they should take to increase their brand awareness and eventually grow their business.

These are tips for effective real estate Facebook Ads:

1. Incorporate Video

Using video in your Facebook Ads may prove to be a challenge but it is undeniably an effective way of promoting your business. Videos can easily
catch the attention of audiences. You can use this to introduce listings or make virtual tours. This will give your viewers a more realistic picture of the properties and pique their interest. Make sure you check Facebook Video Recommendations and Specifications before making your video.

2. Target Your Audience

Facebook allows marketers to target who gets to see their ads but before you can make full use of this option, you need to define who your target audiences are. Target your audience based on factors like demographics, location, interests or behaviour. After getting a clear idea of your ideal audience, you can now use Facebook options like targeting by age, location, income, or home ownership. Make sure that your ad content are also tailored for your target audiences.

3. Use Reviews and Testimonials

What’s stronger than real experiences of real people? Incorporate reviews and testimonials in your Facebook Ads. This will let people know about what you can do and convince them that your services can help them in their real estate needs. Remember, there is no business when there is no trust. Building your credibility is vital in producing more sales leads. Make people think “If they can help him/her, they can help me too”.

4. Use Compelling Photos

This goes without saying but make sure you use visually pleasing images in your Facebook Ads especially for your listings. Photos can easily catch the eye, make sure you keep your audience’s attention long enough for them to see the entirety of what you have for them.It may be easy to lose the interest of your audience if you use photos that are bland or unappealing. It’s best to hire professional photographers to make sure the best angles of the properties are captured.

5. Create Engaging Ad Copy

When creating ad copies for your ads, adapt a persuasive and direct voice. Keep in mind that audiences will naturally see your video or image first so you need to think of words that are naturally attractive to them. You also need to make sure you write a concise copy highlighting the selling points of the property including important details like location, size in square footage, price, amenities, etc. You also need to mention why your audience should choose your services and inform them of what you can offer.

6. Test Multiple Ad Formats

While you’re at it, you should also explore different Facebook Ad formats like single image ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads and others to see what works best for your real estate business. Find out what resonates best with your audience and what brings the highest conversion rates just to get an idea of what type of formats you should use to increase engagements.

Knowing and incorporating useful tips in your Facebook Ads can have tremendous impact to your real estate business. Though these may be helpful, it doesn’t beat learning by experiencing so make sure you do some exploring on your own. You can also come up with content ideas for your Facebook account aside from running ads or look for advertising services that can incorporate these tips for you.


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