The Bamboo Jungle

The Bamboo Jungle is a well established bamboo nursery featuring a collection of the world's finest non-invasive bamboos. All varieties of their Gracilis Slender Weavers are grown locally in landscaped tropical parklands. Their online store also has special privacy screening bamboos and is available for customers all over Sydney.


Ecommerce- Home Décor and Plants

Marketing Platform

Shopify store Set up & Facebook Ads


  • The Bamboo Jungle was selling plants through Gumtree, local directories, and Facebook Marketplace. As the business started to grow, they wanted to formalise their online sales with an official online store. They also needed a marketing strategy to target people who needed bamboo privacy screens.


Before initializing the marketing plan, we created a simple online store to sell the products using Shopify, then synced payment integration for easy online ordering.

We used eye catching creatives of the bamboo products and ad copy for a wide audience interested in plants and bamboo privacy screens.

  • Set up carousel ads with an irresistible offer to attract the target audience using offers and social proof
  • Multiple split testing of campaigns using ad graphics, videos, and ad copy that resonated with the target audience.

Remarketing and follow up system for warm traffic

  • Detailed tracking and analysis to optimise for conversions
  • Using a Funnel to collect leads and remarket them to remind them to buy bamboo products
  • Abandoned cart check out emails sent to all add to cart sessions with an offer to entice an immediate purchase action

In-depth Ads management

  • Created audiences using custom and lookalike audiences of website and page visitors.
  • argeted people based on their affinity interests and online buying behaviour.
  • Attribution analysis and ongoing ads optimisation at all 3 levels: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU

Results in the last 3 months

Page likes


Website Traffic


Checkout initiated




Actual Sales


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