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Neoprene Bags

A new online bags store, Neoprene Bags sells the latest styles from Olivia Jean, Mizcasa, and more, and is truly a one-stop shop for women’s handbags.

Their mission is to sell highly fashionable bags that are also designed to be functional, lightweight, and durable. They offer the latest styles with lightweight neoprene fabrics and a lightning fast same-day dispatch service. Neoprene Bags provides great value and awesome service with deals that are too good to pass up!

Neoprene Bags


Online Education Courses

Marketing Platform

Facebook Ads, Click Funnels & Active Campaign Email Marketing


  • Neoprene Bags had created a brand new ecommerce store and wanted to sell their products to women interested in fashionable, trendy, and comfortable handbags. Since the site was so new, it needed a fair bit of optimization in user experience as well as SEO. Overall, they wanted an increase in targeted traffic.


Fashion industry copy and creative

  • Wrote sales copy directed at people interested in fashion and designer brands
  • Used fashion “power words” that best represented the brand Carousel ads using hi-def images of handbag products, while including offers and social proof
  • Continued A/B testing of campaigns changing ad graphics, videos, and ad copy until we reached an ideal CTR.
Edu Master Group

Remarketing and follow up system for warm leads

  • Detailed tracking and analysis to optimise for conversions
  • Abandoned cart check out emails sent out to all add to cart sessions with an offer to entice an immediate purchase action
PTE Academic center

In-depth Ads management

  • Further defining audience using custom affinity audiences and narrowed ad spend for higher ROAS
  • Continued analysis of keyword bidding data to further improve spending strategy
  • Ongoing ads optimisation and attribution analysis at all 3 levels TOFU, MOFU and BOFU
Edu Master Group



Cost per lead


Potential Sale Value


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