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DDP Property was founded in 2011 by Zaki Ameer, a real estate expert and wealth development coach who has helped over 1,800 people reach financial freedom using his unique DDP property strategies. At the beginning of his career, Zaki bought 15 properties in a period of 3 years, changing his financial circumstances from significant debt to $3 million in properties.

Now in their 9th year of operation, DDP property utilises Zaki’s remarkable investment methods and mindset to guide clients on their own property investing journey. Zaki’s commitment and passion are one of a kind. He continues to dedicate his life to transforming “everyday hard-working Australians” into property millionaires.

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Online Education Courses

Marketing Platform

Facebook Ads, Click Funnels & Active Campaign Email Marketing


  • DDP had a well-established sales team and process in place, but wanted more laser-focused leads from people who were genuinely interested in buying property.We decided to use DDP’s unique investment strategy coupled with their expert consultation for new home buyers to attract leads according to the following strategy:


Focused creative approach

  • Created informative videos and identified government grants that were being offered to property investors.
  • Built a target audience that was interested in buying a property and building a property portfolio.
  • Multiple split testing of campaigns using ad graphics, videos, and ad copy that resonated with the target audience.

Remarketing and follow up system for warm leads

  • Detailed tracking and analysis to optimise for lead generation and webinar registration.
  • Used a Funnel to collect leads and remarket to them.
  • Email and SMS marketing follow up system to keep in touch with potential investors, which led to more personal consultations and increased sales

In-depth Ads management

  • Created audiences using custom and lookalike audiences.
  • Targeted people based on their affinity interests and online buying
  • Attribution analysis and ongoing ad optimisation at all 3 levels.
    1. TOFU
    2. MOFU and
    3. BOFU
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